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13-3-08 EHS-Tech Ltd. installed controllers of ACI Ltd. for saving energy in fluorescent light. The conrollers were reduced the light consumption by 18% with keeping the same light intensity.
13-3-08 EHS-Tech Ltd. will provide systems for saving energy and economical lighting for companies in Romania to promote national projects.
9-3-08 Energy saving devices were installed in Home-Centre

Last week energy saving devices were installed in cooling systems (chillers) of Home Centre chain by EHS-Tech.The devices that were installed save 10% from energy consumption. 

9-3-08 EHS- Tech Ltd. start to sell PV cells in Israel for private use and with accordance to the standard of the National Infrastructure Ministry.

The cells are produced in EHS coreporation and they have the highest utilization of more than 16%.

9-3-08 Installation of two lighting pillars with renewable energy

EHS Tech Ltd. will install sorrunds lighting which is based on renewable energies in the first "green supermarket in Israel. The company will provide pillars lighting with LED lighting that will be provided by wind turbines and PV cells.

6-3-08 The forum of the most 15 "green" cities in Israel

EHS- Tech Ltd. congratulates the 15 mayors that joined to the forum, the company gives consultation in the area of renewable energies and reduction of the green house gases to several cities to promote the intiative.

6-3-08 EHS Tech Ltd. did a unique project and the first one in Israel for energy saving in cooling rooms of -20°C

In a unique project and the first one of its kind in Israel, lighting fixture were installed for energy saving by 77% and with keeping the light intensity that was before installation.

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This innovative project expresses the most pronounced side of the energy efficiency projects – independent energy production from renewable sources, thus saving 100% in comparison to other systems that nourished from electricity grid.

In this project, the first part of a 5 times larger project, the municipality of Modiin publish tender for installation 60 independent street lamppost in the park of the new neighborhood in Wadi Aneba.

The system had to withstand most strict requirement in all aspect – height, distance between lampposts, light flow, and charge time / lighting time constrains.

Using its unique technical abilities and technological expertise, EHS was able to offer two solutions that fulfilled the tight requirements, one based on a photo-voltaic panel with the capacity of 140W, and the second option included a smaller panel and a state-of-the-art wind turbine. This combined promise full illumination almost without restriction but in price little expensive compare to the panel alone.

The chosen solution was based on solar panels exclusively.

The completed project had excelled both in technical tests and in the local residents comments, and the expansion of this project is expected shortly.j