22-5-08 Join our winning team , EHS-TECH is looking to expand our worldwide business , if you want to be our partner AND JOIN TO WINING TEAM please send us email OFFICE@EHS-TECH.COM
13-3-08 EHS-Tech Ltd. installed controllers of ACI Ltd. for saving energy in fluorescent light. The conrollers were reduced the light consumption by 18% with keeping the same light intensity.
13-3-08 EHS-Tech Ltd. will provide systems for saving energy and economical lighting for companies in Romania to promote national projects.
9-3-08 Energy saving devices were installed in Home-Centre

Last week energy saving devices were installed in cooling systems (chillers) of Home Centre chain by EHS-Tech.The devices that were installed save 10% from energy consumption. 

9-3-08 EHS- Tech Ltd. start to sell PV cells in Israel for private use and with accordance to the standard of the National Infrastructure Ministry.

The cells are produced in EHS coreporation and they have the highest utilization of more than 16%.

9-3-08 Installation of two lighting pillars with renewable energy

EHS Tech Ltd. will install sorrunds lighting which is based on renewable energies in the first "green supermarket in Israel. The company will provide pillars lighting with LED lighting that will be provided by wind turbines and PV cells.

6-3-08 The forum of the most 15 "green" cities in Israel

EHS- Tech Ltd. congratulates the 15 mayors that joined to the forum, the company gives consultation in the area of renewable energies and reduction of the green house gases to several cities to promote the intiative.

6-3-08 EHS Tech Ltd. did a unique project and the first one in Israel for energy saving in cooling rooms of -20°C

In a unique project and the first one of its kind in Israel, lighting fixture were installed for energy saving by 77% and with keeping the light intensity that was before installation.

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Improving energy efficiency is the best short-term answer to today's energy problems

Until cleaner and sustainable sources of energy become available on a large scale, improving the energy efficiency of today's systems is important to reduce CO2 emissions and overall energy consumption. And the good thing is: It also saves you money!

The Airco-saver™…

  • is an electronic control unit that adds intelligence to air conditioning systems and improves their energy efficiency.
  • typically achieves energy savings of up to 30% (depending on local conditions) resulting in a short payback period.
  • is a retrofit product to upgrade existing units.
  • is engineered and manufactured in Germany to highest quality standards.


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